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Cat Washing Games

Like bathe kittens? We have the best games so beautiful bathing cats. Who she said that dogs and cats can not be friends, in this game we will take care of bathing not only a beautiful dog but his best friend is a kitten. Our work will apply a full bath on both animals. The first will bathe them, then clip their nails and finally fix them so they look beautiful. We recommend playing this fun new game.
New game dogs bathe and care in today’s game we are responsible for beautifying the different pets that come to our store. When a client comes with your pet you should receive it and clicking on your pet, then you put on your place at the hairdresser and tell you what you need. You must take the necessary object of your tool rack and pass on the pet until the bar is full, then you can take the money for your work. In each level you must meet the target to move to the next.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 at 12.46.03 Cat Washing Games

Cats & Dogs

New game Boys bathing dogs and cats in the game today, as many of you have played. To begin with…